Den Haag Zuid Team


K.D. Go, dentist implantologist

Dentist Go has completed his dentistry studies in 1978 in Nijmegen and is still very active in attending all sorts of congresses and refresher courses, both at home and abroad. He is an NVOI (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Orale Implantologie) registered implantologist.


Melek Delen, practice manager

Practice manager Melek has been working in dentistry for more than 25 years. She is an experienced practice manager and as such she works within our practice. During her career she has been active, among others, in pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, orthodontics and implantology.


Lodewijk van Zwol, dentist implantologist

Dentist van Zwol has completed his dentistry studies in 1995 in Nijmegen. Since then he has been working as a dentist and in 2004 he was registered as a dental implantologist. He also provides many international courses on implantology.


Alon Akerman, orthodontist

Orthodontist Akerman has completed his orthodontics studies and is registered in the specialist register as of 2011. He has extensive experience within orthodontics such as self-ligating and invisible bracket systems. He is a member of Nederlandse Vereniging van Orthodontisten (NVvO).


Khalissa El Barzouhi, dentist

Dentist El Barzouhi completed her dentistry studies in Amsterdam. She has over 7 years of experience in dentistry. Her specializations include endodontics and pediatric dentistry. Within our practice she works as a general practitioner.


Bojana Perkovic, dentist

Dentist Perkovic has completed her dental training in Rijeka, Croatia and has been working as a dentist for more than 35 years. Her specialization is, among others, in the field of endodontology (root canal treatments).


Tomasz Zdziarski, dentist

Dentist Zdziarski has completed his dentistry degree in Łódź in Poland. He has more than 10 years’ experience as a dentist and has been living and working as a dentist in the Netherlands for several years.


Muhammed Topal, dental hygienist

Muhammed has completed his studies in dental hygiene in Utrecht. Previously, he also finalized his studies as dental assistant in Rotterdam. With his educational background, he has gained valuable experience in general dentistry and implantology. Currently, he is working as a dental hygienist in our practice.


Tülin Türkmen, dental hygienist

Tülin is currently completing her dental hygienist studies in Amsterdam. In the past few years she has gained experience in dentistry and developed interest in parodontology. In our practice she is working as a dental hygienist.


Sherry Mashayekh, (paro)prevention assistant

Sherry has completed in dentistry her studies and vocational trainings in dental hygiene. She has gained significant experience in dental healthcare. In our practice she works as a (paro)prevention assistant.


Marlene Karna, (paro)prevention assistant

Marlene is educated as a dental assistant and has more than 25 years of work experience in dentistry. She has followed and successfully completed in-depth courses as a (paro)prevention assistant. Within our practice she works as such.


Hilal Atas, orthodontics and prevention assistant

Hilal has completed the dental assistant education in Rotterdam. She was subsequently educated as an orthodontics and prevention assistant. In that capacity she continues her activities in our practice.


Ashmita Ali, reception and dental assistant

Ashmita has completed dental assistant education. She has been working in dentistry for several years. Within our practice she works as a reception and dental assistant.


Hasret Arslan, dental assistant

Hasret is internally trained as a dental assistant. She has been working in dentistry for over 5 years. She works as a dental assistant within our practice.


Shima Mashayekh, reception and dental assistant

Shima is internally trained as a reception and dental assistant. She is currently completing her pre-university education and plans to study dentistry afterwards. Within our practice, she works as a reception and dental assistant.